Persona 5 Hold Up Guide: Beginner’s Tips And Tricks For All-Out Attacks And Talking To Shadows

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Persona 5 introduces the new Hold Up system once the player successfully knocks all of the enemies down on the floor. Players can bargain with the disadvantaged Shadows to recruit them as a summon, extort for cash or loot, or hit them hard with an All-Out Attack. Multiple choices may confuse starting players as each choice has its own reward and nobody wants to miss out on its effects.

Hold Up System

Players will trigger the Hold Up menus once they’ve dealt the last enemy knock down. Enemy knockdowns require the player to hit either each enemies’ weakness or land critical melee or ranged attack. Morgana can scan for enemy weaknesses and even show the optimal move to instantly knock enemies down. Similar to older Persona games, successfully landing a knockdown hit will grant another turn, which applies to both the player characters and enemy Personas. The simple weakness system will allow players to see Persona 5’s Hold Up system a lot.

All-Out Attack Returns

All-Out Attacks deal heavy damage according to the available party members for the attack. Killing off all enemies during an All-Out Attack will prompt a unique ending screen according to the character that triggered the Hold Up chance. Stronger enemies can survive an All-Out Attack, which removes their knockdown state. This means using the Hold Up technique can be risky. Overall, this move is a good choice when trying to kill enemies fast.

Diplomatic Negotiation

Talking to the Shadows during the Hold Up phase will reward the character according to their dialogue choices. Players can recruit them to become a Persona summon or ask them for loot and money. Each Persona has a different personality and will react differently depending on your overall dialogue choices and treatment. Like the game’s Confidant system, right choices really matter during the “Talk” dialogues if you want to get stuff off these generic foes.

Overall Decision Making

New enemies must always be recruited at least once for the sake of your Persona Compendium growth. If you’re holding up a familiar Persona, this is an opportune time to take money or items from them. However, players are only advised to consider talking if they only need something unique from the negotiations.

However, it’s far more rewarding in terms of experience points, crafting materials, and money gain to execute large groups of foes during the early game. Players should opt to execute as much Shadows with an All-Out Attack to boost levels in their first dungeon fights. Overall, only start talking to Shadows if you’re really interested in their offers, otherwise just off them as soon as possible if not. Stay updated with more Persona 5 guides and news here on The BitBag.

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