Persona 5 Guide: The Most Useful Confidants Worth Leveling Up

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In Persona 5, Confidants not only grant improved Persona experience points on fusion but also grants the player with unique abilities. Some Confidant bonuses are useful early in the game to earn more money, unlock more ways to get special items, and help players maximize their social interactions. Here are some useful confidants to consider first over anybody else.

Sun Confidant

Toranosuke “No-Good Tora” Yoshida can be found giving speeches in Shibuya in the evening. He’ll only start hanging out with you if you talk to him and starts mentioning about eating at the the beef bowl restaurant. Start working part-time at the restaurant and you’ll eventually unlock his Confidant route.

The Sun Confidant grants you extra negotiation options which are great to have early on. One shadow negotiation skill allows you to keep asking for more money from Shadows. This move allows you to continuously stack money early on and buy anything that’s essential to boosting your social and phantom thief life. Lastly, spending time with Toranosuke also grants you more Charm points, which is crucially needed in other confidants.

Party Member Confidants (Chariot/Lovers/ Magician and others)

Spending time with your party members allows them to learn new abilities that make them more reliable in battle. Early on, you’ll unlock the Baton Pass, follow-up attack, and negotiation chances in their Confidant routes. The Baton Pass skill allows you to further capitalize your party member’s strengths through passing a single turn amongst your teammates.

Meanwhile, the Follow-up attacks can be handy as they often assure a strong attack or a critical hit to tip the scales to your advantage. Lastly, their unique negotiation talk abilities allows them to save you off a failed one. The party member grants you another chance to convince the Shadow to your advantage. Overall, consider spending time with your party members to make them more reliable in battle.

Some party member confidant routes require you to actually spend time with characters like the Chariot and Lovers Confidant. Meanwhile, some party member confidants grow as you play the story like the Magician Confidant.

Fortune Confidant

Overall, starting the Fortune Confidant can be a pain as you’ll have to spend 100,000 Yen to get this Confidant started. Additionally, leveling this Confidant requires you to hunt down Memento targets like the Moon Confidant. However, the Fortune confidant grants buffs that allows you to get more trait stats than usual, allowing players to get them maxed out as early as possible.

Boosting character traits is essential because character interactions in Persona 5 are locked out if you don’t satisfy the character trait level requirement for some interactions. You’ll need to overcome those to get started with other Confidants.

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