Persona 5 Fusion Calculator: Get The Best Persona For Each Arcana

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Persona 5 Fusion Calculator
Source: Persona 5 How to get the Strongest Skills in the game – Persona 5 Advanced Guide video from SephiZack

During the endgame of Persona 5, players will soon rely on the best Persona available to cope with the battles ahead. Each of the Confidant will give the player access to its ultimate Persona for the protagonist through fusion. Here’s how to get the best Personas with the help of Persona 5 fusion calculator to avoid spending time doing blind fusions.

Ultimate Protagonist Personas

Like in Persona 3 and 4, maxing out a Confidant gives you access to its Arcana’s ultimate Persona. For example, maxing out the Death Confidant (Tae Takemi) gives you access to Alice, which is a late game Persona that can cast Curse spells. These ultimate protagonist Personas are usually placed around the late game, particularly around player level 60 to 99. Here’s the list of the ultimate protagonist Persona per Confidant.

  • Fool – Vishnu
  • Magician – Futsunushi
  • Priestess – Cybele
  • Empress – Mother Harlot
  • Emperor – Odin
  • Hierophant – Kohryu
  • Lovers – Ishtar
  • Chariot – Chi You
  • Justice – Metatron
  • Hermit – Ongyo-Ki
  • Fortune – Lakshmi
  • Strength – Zaou-Gongen
  • Hanged Man – Attis
  • Death – Alice
  • Temperance – Ardha
  • Devil – Beelzebub
  • Tower – Mada
  • Star – Lucifer
  • Moon – Sandalphon
  • Sun – Asura
  • Judgement – Satan

Best Persona?

These ultimate protagonist Personas are technically the last ones available to their Arcana. However, not all of them are useful in the late game especially if your party member already fills its abilities. Overall, feel free to skip these Personas and opt for the higher level ones you can trust in damage, resistant weaknesses, buffs, and debuffs.

Recommended Persona

In the late game, setting up with buffs, debuffs, and charge moves become the main battle plan. The late game also has the best versions of these abilities available too. Good easy-to-make late game Personas for damage is Michael and Yoshitsune for their reliable Physical damage. Meanwhile, backup healing Persona for your character could be Cybele as she has Mediarahan and Samarecarm. If you have at least these Personas, you can take on the Persona 5’s late game enemies with good damage and sure survivability.

Ultimate Protagonist Personas = Persona Weapons

Some ultimate protagonist Personas can be itemized to create the best weapons for the main character and his party members. These weapons provide a high damage stat along with other unique stat or status effect bonuses. Even if you’re not going to use them, make sure to create ultimate protagonist Personas to see if they’ll be a good weapon.

Use the Calculator To Get Them

Not all ultimate protagonist Personas are available through the multiple Persona execution menus . Cybele and Alice are a few of these ultimate Personas that can’t be found on the list. Players will need to find them through the regular Persona executions which feel like a luck-based system at first glance. Chinhodado’s Persona 5 fusion calculator on GitHub will allow you to minimize your time and money in creating these ultimate Personas.

Apparently, the fusion execution system in Persona 5 has an addition-based formula which needs to match two Personas to the initial level of their targeted summon. The outcomes could also change depending on the levels of the two Personas you’re mixing. At best, collect as many Persona as can before you reach these levels.

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