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Persona 5 Files And In-Game Events Hint At An Enhanced Edition

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Persona 5
Source: Rhevarr’s Persona 5 Google Drive Folder (Contains Extracted Persona 5 Images)

Persona 5 is definitely a wonderful game that doesn’t feel rushed due to the polish of its contents. However, the game has hints of cancelled in-game events throughout the whole playthrough. There’s also missing content in its image files. These cancelled in-game events, alone, could potentially set Persona 5 up to receive its improved version like how Persona 4 got its “Golden” version

Persona 5 Cancelled Events [Spoilers]

Halfway through the Persona 5 playthrough, the players will experience the Fireworks Festival and the Hawaii school trip events. Both these events were cut short and the game jokingly mentions Yusuke to be the cause of it. The Fireworks Festival was cancelled due to heavy rain, forcing the main party to take shelter instead.

Meanwhile, the Hawaii school trip continues as planned but Yusuke manages to be in Hawaii instead of Los Angeles. Before the trip, Yusuke mentions to the main party that Kosei High planned to send its students to Los Angeles for their school trip. However, the Kosei High school trip gets suddenly rescheduled to Hawaii instead as a storm prevented their plane from proceeding.

Even though it’s not a shame that these events didn’t push through, this brings up a potential for Persona 5 to have more events if it were to have an improved re-release. Persona 4 also had these set-ups where these missing events even gave way to major features in its improved version.

Persona 4 Golden’s Events

One of the cancelled events in the original Persona 4 is the motorcycle licensure exam. The original Persona 4 blocked the test from progressing due to an unfortunate event. Meanwhile, Persona 4 Golden allows the main characters to even use scooters inside the TV world to help out in battles.

Persona 5’s cancelled events doesn’t seem to give a chance for players to get a new feature out of it at all. However, new events give more chance for players to spend more time with the characters. More interaction with certain characters, particularly romantic interests, could hype up fans again.

Wakaba’s Separate Dungeon [Spoilers]

Meanwhile, Reddit user Rhevarr posted some image files extracted off the Persona 5 game itself. The image files contain dialogue cut-out pictures of its main characters, interface display of the deadlines, and even character phone icons. Some extracted images even hint of features or events that wasn’t even found in the full game.

One of these extracted images features is a detection meter portrait featuring a silhouette of Futaba’s mom, Wakaba Isshiki. However, Isshiki couldn’t possibly be a target as she’s already dead during the events of the main Persona 5 story. It’ll only be possible to have Isshiki as a target if the players are given control of the culprit that assassinated her through her cognitive world.

Reverse Confidant Cards

Meanwhile, Reverse Confidant cards that are colored red and even have bullet holes are shown in the extracted image files. The previous Persona 4 had the “Reverse Social Link” system that stops a Social Link’s growth until the relationship issue is fixed first. Reversing a Social Link card can only be triggered through choosing a bad decision in your interactions with them.

Additionally, The Reverse Confidants cards found only cover the ones outside the Phantom Thieves group. Overall, this feature implemented in Persona 5 will eat up precious time due to your character’s limited days in Tokyo.

However, fans still haven’t discovered any choices that’ll trigger a Reverse Confidant card in Persona 5. If not maxed out at the end of the game, they simply don’t appear in the cutscenes where they show their support to you.

Persona 5 Improved Version Possible

Atlus has released improved versions of the previous Persona titles before. Persona 3’s had its “Portable” version on the PlayStation Portable and Persona 4 had its “Golden” re-release on PS Vita. Persona 5 could soon have one of these versions too should Atlus pursue the project. Atlus has already registered many sites that could potentially be more Persona-related titles and spinoffs. The improved Persona 5 re-release, speculated to be Persona 5 Crimson, could be one of those upcoming titles soon. Stay updated with more Persona 5 news here on The BitBag.

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