Persona 5 Ending: Spoiler-Free Guide For All Outcomes And How To Get The Best Conclusion

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Persona 5 Ending
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Previous Persona entries under Katsura Hashino’s direction always had moments where players would get a bad end just because of one choice. Players who just want to get to the good end may get frustrated if they accidentally triggered a bad ending and wouldn’t want to repeat trudging through the story again. Here’s a spoiler-free guide on some information about Persona 5 endings.

Multiple Endings Confirmed

Persona 5 players on vuhucanigonow’s thread on its dedicated subreddit discussed about the game’s ending. Apparently, Persona 5 has three endings that can be accessed through choosing particular dialogue in their playthrough. Players will just have to be careful about making crucial dialogue choices during their playthrough to avoid this.

Failsafe Dialogue

Additionally, Persona 5 will also remind the player if they’re about to make an irreversible choice that can obviously conclude the story if a certain dialogue or action is preferred. The previous Persona 3 and 4 games also had dialogue paths which concluded the game earlier and often acts as an early New Game+ point. At best, players will have to think twice if they’re about do something drastic like leaning towards actual murder or theft to deal with certain situations.

Importance of Bad Endings

Additionally, some bad endings may have to be faced to achieve a trophy for completionists. If aiming to complete all the bad endings first before the better ones, players are encouraged to max out certain Confidants or character traits first. A maxed stat or Confidant route will secure a good early boost in their next playthrough.

Previous Game Bad Endings

In Persona 4 Golden, the Accomplice ending requires the player to destroy evidence toward the implied culprit of the series. Meanwhile, the vanilla Persona 4 also has a bad ending if the murders are never solved before a certain time. Meanwhile, choosing to kill a certain character to heed his solution to the final problem in Persona 3 will also lead to a bad ending. Overall, Katsura Hashino’s Persona entries often have bad endings which could be interesting in themselves but can be frustrating to some players.

Persona 5 Good Ending Hunt

At best, players just have to stick to a heroic and optimistic mentality toward solving  major problems. Applying this to Persona 5 may help in finding a good or even the “true” ending of this entry. Aside from this, players must also try their best to progress as far as they can in Mementos. Stay updated with more Persona 5 news here on The BitBag.

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