Persona 5: Emperor Confidant Skill Card Crafting Guide

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More than just a party member, the Emperor Confidant allows you to craft skill cards for your convenience. Crafting choices can be limited since you can only duplicate lower level cards. However, it might just be enough to make the perfect Persona ability loadout or fulfill the Strength Confidant requirement.

Emperor Confidant Start

After you recruit the Emperor Confidant party member, he won’t automatically make a Confidant vow with you. You’ll still have to progress near to the third Phantom Thieves target story arc to start the Emperor Confidant. The first Confidant level bonus will allow you to craft skill cards as long as you visit him and supply “Blank Cards” to use.

Skill Card Crafting

At the beginning, you’ll only be allowed to pick a low-level skill card to craft, which only takes a day to finish. For its materials, you’ll need a Blank Card and at least one discovered skill card. Consider spending time with the Emperor Confidant if you want better cards to be crafted.

Skill Card Use

Skill cards allow you to teach Personas with a specific move. In practical use, you can potentially build an optimal Persona ability setup or plug up your main character Persona’s weaknesses. Additionally, you can just teach the ability requirement on the needed Persona for the Strength Confidant. Overall, skill cards allow you the potential to customize a Persona’s abilities to your liking as long you have the right one.

Where to Get Skill Cards

Manually, these cards can be found off fighting Shadows. Some Skill Cards are rewarded after defeating a certain mini boss or bosses. Meanwhile, some cards can be obtained through demanding an item from Hold Ups. Overall, you can keep obtaining skill cards as long as you play Persona 5’s Palaces and Mementos.

Optimal Cards

Overall, the most valuable Skill Cards you can get are those apt spells to your current level or required abilities for the Strength Confidant. Skill cards lose value when its Persona 5 skill isn’t effective or optimal in your level bracket anymore. However, opt to save your skill cards instead in case you need it for a Strength Confidant requirement.

The Strength Confidant requires players to show a certain Persona with a certain ability to advance its levels. Sometimes, these abilities can be found off skill cards which makes it easier for any player. Normally, players will have to continuously fuse Personas to finally land it with the correct requirements. Opt to invest in the Emperor Confidant to prepare for future battles and Strength Confidant. Stay updated with more Persona 5 guides here on The BitBag.

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