Persona 5 Easter Eggs: Lupin, Persona 4 Characters, And More References

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Persona 5 Easter Eggs
Source: Persona 5 – Sizzle Trailer | PS4 video

Similar to past games in the Persona series, the latest entry is also rich with references and easter eggs. The Persona 5 easter eggs range from works of literature and has nods to previous Persona games. Here’s some of the easter eggs found in Persona 5.

Café Leblanc

The main character’s residence, Café Leblanc, is a nod to the French author Maurice Leblanc. This author created the “Arsene Lupin” character whom the main character’s first Persona references. Well-read or theater performance enthusiasts will easily spot this Persona 5 Easter Egg once their character wanders around the Yongen-Jaya area.


The Yongen-Jaya supermarket has some vegetables lined up in front of it. Interacting with it will prompt the player to find some cabbages, which is a running gag in the previous Persona entry.

In Persona 4, Tohru Adachi is credited as the character who likes cabbages. Adachi mentions that it’s the only food he can afford and Persona fans have exaggerated it to a gag with said vegetable. This Persona 5 Easter Egg will definitely remind people of Ryotaro Dojima’s sidekick.

Historical Figures and Mythologies

The summon creatures in Persona 5 are mostly exemplary people from history, which could be fictitious or not. The main character and Ann Takamaki’s Persona are from plays while Ryuuji Sakamoto and Yuusuke Kitagawa’s summons are actual historical people. Other than the main Personas, the other summon creatures available to the main character are also from various mythologies. Players will find it educational to look into Personas as they’re mostly based from mythological creatures, deities, legendary people, or even P Studio’s original creatures.

Time Continuity Easter Egg

During the player’s walks around the Train Station, players will find an ad that features Persona 4’s Rise Kujikawa and Kanami Mashita. Both of them are in their own ad that features their next project of sorts. Potentially, Persona 5’s chronological place in the series is somewhere near the events of Persona 4 Dancing All Night. Additionally, Mashita and Kujikawa’s appearance in Persona 5 supports the Persona 4 rhythm game spinoff story’s existence in the whole series.

Persona 5 so far

Currently, the western Persona 5 release was just this April 4. Players can go and dig for more Persona 5 Easter Eggs that’ll spark their fancy toward older fictional series and the other Persona games. Stay updated with more Persona 5 news here on The BitBag.

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