Persona 5 DLC: How To Get All Day One Bonuses

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Persona 5 DLC
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Atlus’ Persona 5 builds its game world well to have a living, breathing city with a few supernatural things that stick out on its design. To adhere to its conventions, its DLCs won’t be obtainable through a dedicated DLC dispenser or NPC. It’ll also take a few hours of game time before these freebies can be obtained. Here’s where to get your Day 1 Persona 5 bonuses

Free DLC

Persona 5 has the free Healing Item Set and Skill Card DLCs which are free item giveaways as long you availed it on the PlayStation Store. Starting players appreciate these bonuses as it can help cover their lack of items on the first playthrough. Healing items will definitely help players survive in the dungeons and Palaces. Meanwhile, Skill Cards in the Persona series allow players to directly learn moves instead of relying on inheriting these through fusion.

Where To Claim

The Persona 5 Healing Item set DLC can be claimed in the protagonist’s room in Cafe Leblanc. It can be acquired via the cardboard box where the Protagonist’s clothes are kept.

The Healing Item set DLC gives one Soul Food, one Soma, and three Revival Beads. Soul Food is used to heal your SP while Soma fully heals your party’s HP and SP upon use. Lastly, Revival Beads work similarly to Final Fantasy’s Phoenix Downs and other items that revive defeated party members during battle.

Meanwhile, the Skill Card DLC can’t be claimed in the early parts of Persona 5. Skill Cards are introduced later in the game and players will have to make do with the early Personas available to them. Even though it allows players to teach certain Personas some useful abilities, the need to optimize Personas early isn’t needed that much as the best Personas are found in the end-game.

Other DLC

Atlus has also confirmed that there are costume DLCs in the coming weeks until May. Most of these costumes are references to the other Persona or Shin Megami Tensei games which the fans may love to see in Persona 5. More than just cosmetics, some of these costume sets have accessories that give unique bonuses to your characters.

Persona 5 so far

Currently, Persona 5 has just been released for its Western fans this April 4. Players can finally enjoy this long-awaited entry after several release date delays. However, Atlus has warned its players about spoiling too much of its contents particularly past 7/7 in the game’s time. Stay updated with more Persona 5 news and guides here on The BitBag.

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