Persona 5 Delay Brings Dual Audio And Other Rewards As Atlus Ruins Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day has been ruined, at least for single gamers due to the Persona 5 delay. The school-themed RPG will no longer be coming out in the holiday and has been delayed to April for America and Europe. It’s disappointing, to say the least, since the game is one of the most anticipated in 2017. While fans do get to save for it more, the wait will be unbearable for some, especially those who are lonely.

Atlus seems to be aware of the many feelings they’re hurting, as they have announced some free content. While some feathers have definitely been ruffled, fans will be happy to have a few cool things to download. It would be better to have a current-gen RPG, but it’s better than nothing.

Free Stuff

To make things better, a new trailer has been revealed. There’s plenty of gameplay and it looks just as stylish as ever, so that’s nice. One wonders if this is a smart move though, as the Persona 5 delay might have angered fans, so seeing a new trailer could make them more angry or sad. Still, there’s no denying how cool the game looks.

Fans are also getting a free PS4 theme based on the game.?This is actually paid content in Japan, but it’s now free. Like the game, the theme is also pretty cool and very stylish, so fans should definitely download it. At least it gives fans something nice to look at while they wait for their beloved sequel.

Playable Demo

It was also announced that game would be playable at the PlayStation Experience 2016. Fans that play the demo will also get a free trading card based on the game. Being able to play the game in the event should be enough for players, but the card as extra incentive is cool. These should make the Persona 5 delay less painful.

Japanese voice acting for the game will also be available as free DLC. While having to download this option is an odd choice considering they’ve delayed the game to polish the English voice acting, at least fans won’t have to pay for Japanese voice acting. Atlus usually gets great English voice actors, but giving them the Japanese option is good. Fans have constantly praised the series? sound design, so this is a great decision.

Persona 5 will be coming to the PS3 and PS4 on April 4 2017.

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