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Persona 5 Could Get A PC Port In The Future [Report]

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persona 5
Persona 5 might be coming to PC. [Image from PlayStation Store]

After Persona 5 became a massive hit on the PS4 and PS3, fans are wondering what’s next for the series. The future of the franchise has been in question ever since the director of the past three games left the series’ future to his successors. While Atlus waits and sees what happens to the franchise, it looks like Sega might bring Persona to PC gamers.

During an interview with PC Gamer, a Sega representative expressed interest in bringing the Persona games to PC. Apparently, it’s a constant conversation the people in Sega and Atlus are having, which could lead to interesting results. Persona is an excellent gaming series, especially the fifth installment, so here is hoping Sega expands the series to PC.

Sega On PC

On the aforementioned interview, the Sega representative said it would be incredible seeing some of their games on PC. Aside from Persona 5, the underrated Yakuza series was also discussed, since all the installments have been PlayStation exclusives. Yakuza is a niche series, but the game’s fans were responsible for the more recent installments coming to the West.

Sega recently ported Bayonetta and Vanquish to Steam, a good move that gained plenty of acclaim from PC fans. If ports like this continue, it might not take long before we see even more Sega games on computers. JRPG fans are hoping the Persona series is part of the plan, since the past three games have been excellent.

You’ll Never See It Coming

It took years for Bayonetta and Vanquish to come to PC, both of which come from the 6th gaming generation. Theoretically, this means that it could take longer for a Persona 5 PC port to come out on PC. Of course, discussions in the aforementioned interview could mean that these games will be prioritized, with enough interest.

For the sake of the series growing, Sega should seriously consider bringing the fifth Persona game to the PC. While the the third and fourth installments are pretty good, the fifth boasts a stylish graphical style that pleased gamers. Combine that with the interesting characters, fun combat system, and catchy music, it’s clear that everyone should be playing this.

Persona 5 is available now on PS4 and PS3, so now is the time if you haven’t gotten it yet. Older fans will appreciate the DLC Packs that have come out, adding music, costumes and Personas from older games. More hardcore fans can get Shin Megami Tensei 4 and its spin-off SMT 4 Apocalypse on 3DS.

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