Persona 5 Confidant Guide: All Trait Requirements To Interact And Max All Relationships

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In Persona 5, players will have character traits to improve on to gauge the main character’s personality. Some Confidant routes will require the player to have a certain trait level to continue and will lock them out until the player meets it. These requirements are often frustrating as a Persona playthrough runs on limited time. Here’s how to make it bearable via this Persona 5 confidant guide:

Character Trait Requirements

Players are encouraged to max out character traits first should they want max out every Confidant route available in the game. These stat checks are found early after the Airsoft shop event and continuing The Lovers Confidant route.

Overall, these character trait checks are part of Persona’s role playing game features. The trait improvement also allows players to immerse on Persona 5’s setting which is contemporary Tokyo.

All Character Trait Checks

Some Confidant routes have character trait checks that players will really need to meet to continue on. Players can solve this through boosting the trait through doing specific actions but will certainly take days to improve at the acceptable level.  Here are the known character trait checks in each Persona 5 Confidant route.

  • The Lovers – Kindness Level 2
  • The Hanged Man – Guts Level 4(Confidant Rank 2), Guts Level 5 (Rank 7)
  • The Death – Guts Level 2(Rank 2), Charm Level 4 (Rank 7)
  • Temperance – Guts Level 3 (Rank 1)
  • The High Priestess – Knowledge Level 3 (Rank 1), Charm Level 5(Rank 5)
  • Star – Charm Level 3(Rank 1), Knowledge Level 5 (Rank 7)
  • Emperor – Proficiency Level 4 (Rank 6)
  • Empress – Proficiency Level 5 (Rank 2)
  • Hierophant – Kindness Level 5 (Rank 6)
  • Hermit – Kindness Level 4 (Rank 2)

This list will allow to player to max out particular Confidant ranks once they hit its minimum requirement. Both maxing out traits first before socializing and placing early levels have benefits for player. Maxed out traits allow the player to cruise along on each Confidant and investing on early Confidant ranks allows grants their low rank bonuses as early as possible.

Which Ones To Do First

Overall, players are always encouraged to go for the Confidant links of their party members. Ranking up their Confidant links allows them to learn the Baton Pass, Follow-up Attack, and other combat-focused abilities. At its max levels, players will be given changes the character’s Persona to its ultimate form. Other than them, players can spend time with the other non-party member social links to know their story or get other unique services. Lastly, maxing out Confidants allows you to have access to its ultimate Persona for your main character. It’s possible to max traits and Confidants in the first playthrough but there’s always the second Persona 5 playthrough if you didn’t get all of them.

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