Persona 5 Collector’s Edition For US Gets Less Love From Atlus

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Persona 5 Collector's Edition

Recently, Atlus USA announced the release date of Persona 5 Collector?s Edition dubbed the ?Take Your Heart? edition in North America. However, the ?Take Your Heart? package is notably less interesting than the 20th Anniversary Edition that will be released to Japanese fans. North American Persona 5 fans will also have to wait for Valentine?s Day next year and endure six months of avoiding spoilers on the Internet.

As announced last May 5, the 20th Anniversary package in Japan includes an anthology of the official soundtrack from each of the previous Persona entries. Additionally, the Persona 3 Gekkoukan and Persona 4 Yasogami school uniform costume DLCs are confirmed in this 20th Anniversary bundle.

Both the 20th Anniversary bundle and the ?Take Your Heart? edition in US have different goodies. Only a single CD containing the soundtrack of Persona 5 has been shown in the ?Take Your Heart? package, and the school uniform DLCs haven?t been confirmed in this package. Here?s all the goodies available in the US collector?s edition as posted by Atlus on the PlayStation Blog:

  • Soundtrack CD: A selection of music from Persona 5 by legendary series composer, Shoji Meguro, in a CD sleeve featuring special P5 artwork.
  • 4? Morgana plush: Morgana the Phantom Thieves? cat is not just the mascot of the Phantom Thieves, but also a member ? and also not just a cat! The premium edition includes an exclusive 4? plush of Morgana.
  • 64-page hardcover art book: This art book is full of concept sketches, character art, and more by character designer Shigenori Soejima.
  • SteelBook: As strong as a vault, the game disc for the PS4 will come specially packaged in a SteelBook collectible case, emblazoned with Persona 5 designs.
  • School bag: Designed after the traditional school bags in Japan, the exclusive replica bag comes complete with the Shujin Academy crest.

Fans should take note that the Take Your Heart edition is exclusively available on PS4. Fans are still hyped to get this special edition even if the contents are different from the 20th Anniversary Package as seen on Reddit. Western and non-Japanese speaking fans will have to wait for February 14, 2017 for the North American release of the upcoming game.

With the North American release date and Persona 5 Collector?s Edition confirmed this early, the game?s appearance at E3 will have two fewer large announcements to give out. Fans may expect a ?Dual Audio? for the North American release of the game to be announced at E3. Some fans may prefer the original Japanese spoken dialogue to avoid losing its quality through translation and enjoy the original Japanese direction of the dialogue as its makers intended.

According to Persona Central, Persona 5 character designer Shigenori Soejima will also be at E3 and the Atlus show will have three different programs throughout the whole E3 event. We?ll just have to wait and see what Atlus will announce about the upcoming game.

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