Persona 5 Batting Cage Guide: Rewards And Tips To Get Homerun And Slugger Prizes

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Early in the game, players will be introduced to the Persona 5 Batting Cage in Yongen-Jaya. Players can choose to spend time in this area to boost their Proficiency stat. However, players will need to do a certain swing to be able to hit a home run and go home with a prize.

Batting Cage

This area is unlocked after the player reads their first book during a train trip. Players will discover some key areas in Yongen-Jaya including the Bathhouse and the Batting Cage. The Batting Cage is a baseball simulator mini-game where players just have to hit the ball to ensure a successful session. Hitting all balls will reward players a Slugger prize. Players can go the extra mile and aim for a target up high for the Home Run to receive another prize. The Batting Cage prizes include consumable items and equipment, but it’s worth to get more out of each session in this area.

Swing Guide

RPG Division’s video about the Persona 5 Batting Cage helps as it teaches you how to plainly hit the ball and go for home runs. Just hitting the ball requires the player to swing when the red bat marker overlaps with the ball icon that appears randomly during the mini-game. This will secure a hit but not a home run. Going home without hitting the ball won’t get you any prizes, but it secures the proficiency stat boost.

Meanwhile, going for home runs requires players to position the center of the bat towards the lower half of the ball. This will prompt the ball to go higher and have a chance to hit the Home Run target placed high above the Batting Cage. The timing is also important as early swings will send the ball to the left and late swings will make it go right. 

For Proficiency

Boosting Proficiency is also important as it allows the players to make more Thievery tools on the workbench inside the player’s room. Lockpicks, restorative items, and other offensive tools are handy in Mementos and Palaces. Additionally, some scenes and Confidant routes will require players to have good Proficiency stats to successfully progress through them. You can stop visiting the Batting Cages once you’ve maxed your Proficiency and got every reward you want from this area. Stay updated with more Persona 5 guides here on The BitBag.

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