?Persona 4 Manga? Volume 1 and 2 Released; Fans Took Anime Stores By Storm

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It?s now out in the market.

And fans all over the world are not taking the release for granted.

So what should you do? Grab yourself a copy and join the manga fever.

In a report by Anime News Network, fans of the highly-acclaimed manga series, which is based on the ?Persona 4? video game developed for the Playstation console, couldn?t hide their excitement and happiness over the release of Udon Entertainment?s Persona 4 Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

The manga series is now available in various stores including online shops, making it very convenient and accessible to fans all around the world.

It should be noted that the story revolves around a group of secondary students who formed an investigation team to find out the evil lurking behind the brutal murders in a small town named Inaba. Attempting to prevent more casualties, the group will then realized that it is possible that the crimes happening are connected to an urban legend related to a paranormal television phenomenon. This is called ?Midnight Channel.? This sort of discovery will make their investigation a more dangerous and suspenseful as they try to solve it by crossing two different worlds.

For those who have already secured a copy of their own, here?s good news for all of you.

You don?t need to wait for a longer time for the next volume as the forthcoming edition will also be out this year, on June 28, 2016 to be exact. The first two volumes, on the other hand, are now available in comic book stores and retailers.

Just a brief background, the Udon Entertainment publishes original and translated art books, novels and manga, boasting impressive quality products. Their best projects are related to popular video games such as Street Fighter, Okami, Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Persona fever and get a hold of those new volumes!

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