Persona 3 FES PS4 Release Surfaces On PSN, What We Know So Far

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Persona 3 FES PS4
Source: Persona 3 FES appears on PS4 PSN store (likely a glitch??) Neogaf thread by stryke

Many Persona fans have reported that Persona 3 FES is accessible through the PlayStation 4 on the European PlayStation Store . However, PS4 players can’t buy this product as it is still the digital port for the previous PS3 console. What could this mean?

Europe PS4 Store Appearance

According to stryke’s thread on NeoGAF, screencaps showed sightings of a Persona 3 FES banner on the European PlayStation Store on PS4. However, accessing this page will lead to its PS3 port, which is unplayable on Sony’s current-gen console. Fans are considering this to be a PlayStation Store error but hope that this will be some sort of gift from Atlus.

E3 2017 Appearance

So far, the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series have yet to make waves on the E3 2017 festivities. The rumored Persona 6 or even the Persona-staffed Studio Zero’s Project Re:Fantasy failed to appear in the Sony E3 2017 show. Meanwhile, Sega chose other games like Yakuza 6, Sonic Forces, and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim to helm their booth in this event. If we follow the previous Persona releases, it’ll take years before we see some output from its developers. Releasing Persona 3 FES on the PS4 could excite fans once again as this is a valued entry in series. Persona 3 FES could hold the fort long enough for Atlus to release a new Persona-related spinoff.

Persona Spinoffs

So far, Project Re:Fantasy is the closest thing fans get from the Persona team as the project comes from its creative heads. Character designer Shigenori Soejima, music director Shoji Meguro, and director Katsura Hashino are working on this title. The remaining P Studio staff will inherit the series and continue working on future titles. We might see these fresh blood Persona work in some spin-off titles as Atlus registered many sites bearing “Persona” in its name. We’ll have to wait for confirmation from Atlus or Sega if PS4 players really receives Persona 3 FES during this time where there are no new Persona releases known so far.

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