Person of Interest Spinoff: Harold Finch to Return? Michael Emerson Slip-of-the-Tongue Clue

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A Person of Interest spinoff is rumored to be in the works after fans created an online campaign to ?Save Person of Interest.?

Their plea might have been heard by the show?s producers as Michael Emerson, who plays Harold Finch in the series, reportedly gave a slip-of-the-tongue-clue in an interview with TVLine?s Matt Webb Mitovich. ?

A fan asked the writer if he had some scoop on POI which ended in late June. Mitovich?s reply was, ?When I interviewed Michael Emerson to preview the series finale ? which I had already seen ? he asked for my take on, ?Who?s that dark-haired guy that gets on the motorcycle, in the closing montage?? And yet no such scene made it into the finale. When I asked the producers about this ?mystery motorcyclist,? they had a good chuckle about Emerson not sticking to ?talking points?? and then clammed up. Make of that what you will.?


Person of Interest Michael Emerson as Harold Finch

The response of the producers on Emerson?s slip-of-the-tongue moment was interpreted as though a spinoff could possibly be in the works or there are already plans and they just don?t want to talk about it just yet.

Meanwhile, other spinoff clues were discussed by showrunners Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman in an interview with TV Line. Nolan said, ?There are certainly characters we would have liked to revisit again in flashback. In Episode 12, there were a number of different characters who?d come and gone on the show, who we would like to see one more time. Michael Kelly (as CIA agent Mark Snow) and Annie Parisse, obviously. They?re fantastic?.?

Plageman continued, ?We had written some scenes for them, didn?t we? I think we did but we cut them because we just ran out of room.?

And lastly, Nolan mentioned about them having so many ideas for the show and that there will be other outlets for them. ?We covered a lot of territory. There are so many fun ideas in this show, and so many fun things we want to play with, and we?ll have other outlets for that,? Nolan said.

Could these ?clues? mean that fans are definitely getting the Person of Interest spinoff they were asking for? The producers and showrunners seem to be all for it and seeing the enthusiasm of fans to see more of POI is more than enough to let it happen. ?

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