Person of Interest Season Finale Spoilers: A Spinoff Likely to Happen After the Series?

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Person of Interest won?t just be about crime-busting and vigilante acts in the upcoming season finale. According to Entertainment Weekly, the season finale, which will air on the 21st of June, will have a touch of a dramatic no-nonsense storyline that creators Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman teased in the show?s latest trailer.

The creators explained why they included such a dramatic season finale, with Plageman saying ?The whole thing turns on a Fitbit.? While everyone gave a half hearted laugh about the revelation, Nolan added ?There is a Fitbit. But yeah, [the finale] was a chance for us to revisit some of those relationships that we haven?t gotten a chance to get to before, and there?s an awful lot compressed into it, but I think it?s a more emotional finale than I anticipated we would have in some ways.?

As for the drama in the series, Person of Interest Season Finale Spoilers reveal that with the death of Samantha ?Root? Groves (Amy Acker), Plageman revealed there might be more similar incidents coming to the series.

Nolan also explained that the moment they learned that there will be no season 6 for the series, he said that they carefully started planning the 13-episode season finale in order to ?tie up loose ends? in the series. The creators also made sure that they were able to balance the storyline in order to catch up with the scheduled number of weeks delegated for the season finale.

Interestingly, HofMag reported that Michael Emerson, who plays the main character ?Harold Finch? revealed that despite the season finale, the whole story concept may have been laid out in such a way that a spinoff will not be too hard to insert.

As for the drama taking place in Person of Interest Season Finale, Emerson also hinted the possibility of most of the Team Machine members facing death in the final episodes of the series. What do you think of a spinoff for the series? Do you think of it as a good idea in order to keep the ?Person of Interest? series alive? Don?t miss the exciting season finale and check on TheBitBag.com for more spoilers.

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