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?Person Of Interest’ Season 5 Finale Spoilers: Bloodbath May Lead To Spin-off

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Person Of Interest Season 5 Finale spoilers is coming up in this article. If you have not seen Episode 12 yet, I suggest that you stop right here and watch it first before you come back to this article. Now, for those of you who already have, the Person Of Interest Season 5 Finale will feature a lot of things.

According to Christian Today, Michael Emerson, who plays Harold Finch in Person Of Interest, revealed that the Season 5 Finale will be a bloodbath. Several main characters will be killed and there will be few survivors. This also brings the possibility of a Person Of Interest spin-off to come about. This would not necessarily involve the original group but could revolve around a new cast.

The bloodbath ensues in the final battle between the Machine and the Samaritan. It is being anticipated that the Machine will be triumphant over the Samaritan but the Machine will suffer heavy casualties and the group will also be destroyed. If this happens, it leaves a new opening for the show to have a spinoff using the surviving characters.

Michael Emerson revealed that the Person Of Interest ?Season 5 Finale will be quite interesting and satisfying even though it will be ?open-ended.? He then teased that if someone would want to reboot the show or continue it via a spin-off, he would not be surprised at all. Whether this is a tease or an honest remark, we do not know for sure as how things are going now, this might be the end of it. But who knows, right?

For the Person Of Interest Season 5 Finale, we might see the group engage in the most dangerous mission they have ever faced.

The Person Of Interest Season 5 Finale, Episode 13, is scheduled to air on June 21.

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