Perseids Meteor Shower 2016: Last Chance to Watch, What Time & Where to Watch Online

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If there’s one magical show you shouldn’t miss, it’s the 2016 Perseids meteor shower. Astronomers forecasted that the Persieds will fire twice as fast on the night of August 11-12. NASA started its broadcast of the shower at 10 p.m. on August 10. Those who have failed to watch along with NASA can also tune in to a Slooh live broadcast by 8 p.m. EDT, August 11.

Be sure to stay up until 1 a.m. as it?s the most ideal time to catch the event. Or, you can also grab one of your last chances this year by waking early before the onset of dawn twilight.

This year, the meteors have the potential to outshine the stars. At least 200 meteors per hour could be seen by the spectators. Indeed, it?s a perfect time to stay up late, lay the blankets and watch the beautiful night sky.

If you prefer to see this magical moment online, or it?s cloudy in your area, you can watch the Perseids meteor shower here:

Aside from watching a live broadcast, audience members from the Slooh?s website can also snap and share their own photos and even control the telescopes.

The meteors will be mostly visible in the direction of the Perseus constellation. It is located in the eastern part of the sky. Although such is the case, audiences can still see them from any point, particularly on darker locations.

If you prefer to see the meteors from the night sky, you won?t need a telescope or binoculars. The 200 meteors per hour forecast is visible through the naked eye.?Those who live in the Northern Hemisphere are luckier. They have bigger chances of seeing meteors.

But generally, you can have your chance to see the meteor wherever you are. You just need to look for a clear part of the sky or tune in to live broadcasts. You might also want to bookmark the links we have provided.

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