The Perfect Job: Posting Looking for Pokemon GO Lure Manager, Are You Qualified?

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Pokemon GO Lure Manager

It doesn?t get any better than this. Every employee wants to go up the corporate ladder while doing something they love the most. How about playing Pokemon GO? Send in your CVs now, there is a job opening for a Pokemon GO Lure Manager, no kidding!

According to the ad, applicants need to be an expert in the Pokemon GO game. That is, one needs to be at least on Level 10. But sorry, iOS users, this job opening is only for tech-savvy Android mobile phone users.

The job post was put up on Facebook by James Tancioco, HR Lead of Voyager Innovations, a subsidiary of Smart Communications based in the Philippines. According to his post, he?s looking for 10 Lure Managers who would just activate Lures the entire day. The part time job will run for a month. Hopeful applicants have nothing to lose!

pokemon lure manager wanted

Aspiring lure managers need only to have their own Android phone and a Pokemon GO account. As with most job requirements, having confidence while being humble is key, as well as being a team player. Of course, management skills are required for a job meant to manage lures the whole day. Since the company is looking for Pokemon GO experts, they expect applicants to be able to work without supervision. How cool is that? No micromanager to be wary of, it?s a sweet deal.

For the clueless, lures are used to attract Pokemon. These can be activated in Pokestops if the player has a lure module. Lures are what shop owners usually have and use to rake in more customers to their establishment.

Successful applicants would probably be assigned to different areas in Manila, and should be open to working flexible hours. But working on weekends could also be part of the job, so be prepared for that. Then again, who cares? Playing Pokemon GO on the weekends, and getting paid for it is the dream! For some technical part, applicants must understand all processes of Pokemon GO and in-app purchases. Well, who reads terms and conditions in games, anyway?

So for 20-year-olds who are in college or who have just graduated college, consider this a gap month and just write to


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