Find the perfect eyewear that matches your face shape and style

There are a lot of options you’re sure to love.

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Embrace your beauty and be more confident with Abella Eyewear:

  • High-quality, stylish, and customized sunglasses 
  • Cater to all face shapes, styles, and preferences
  • Suitable for any occasion and outfit
  • Protect the eyes, promote eye health, and reduce eye strain
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Choosing the right eyewear isn’t easy. It’s like choosing clothes that will highlight your body features and style. You have to identify your face shape, choose a color and frame that match it and consider your eyesight. It is also important to pick eyewear for specific occasions and outfits. 

With Abella Eyewear, you can get eyewear customized that perfectly suits your face shape, style, favorite frame, and even eye color! They offer a wide selection of eyeglasses for every style, occasion, and outfit.

Before anything else, you’ll need to take a short quiz before choosing and purchasing eyewear. You’ll be asked about your face shape, preferred frame, typical consumer purchase, and style to determine the best eyewear for you. After taking the Face Match Quiz, you’ll receive the results and recommended eyewear via email. 

The frames are categorized into aviators, cat eye, oversized, round, rectangle, and polarized. They also have styles that are perfect for casual wear and summer! Their current bestsellers are the Barlow Round Sunglasses, Lester Aviator Polarized Sunglasses, and Morton Cat-Eyed Sunglasses

The Barlow Round Sunglasses feature beautiful faded lenses with handcrafted and gold-colored stainless steel frames. It is perfect for any casual attire. You can also elevate your style with it when going to parties or gatherings. 

If you want stylish sunglasses to wear during trips or when driving, the Lester Aviator Polarized Sunglasses are a great option. They boast faded lenses held together by a classic stainless steel frame that adds confidence and charm to any look. 

The Morton Cat-Eyed Sunglasses, on the other hand, have flared-out lenses and stainless steel frames that will highlight your eyes with a cat-eye shape! Its elegant design also gives off a rockstar vibe. You can wear them on any occasion – even when running errands.

Abella Eyewear also offers chic and functional Blue Light Blocking Sunglasses for everyday use. The blue light-blocking lenses help protect the eyes during increased screen time, promote optimal eye health, reduce eye strain, and improve sleep at night. You can wear them when you’re using devices at night or when reading.