People are loving and embracing the vegan fashion because of brands like this

These handbags are crafted and designed with your style and sustainability in mind

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Consumers are now conscious in choosing the products they purchase, and this births sustainable fashion, and it isn’t just a trend. From small, unknown designers to luxury brands, the fashion industry is slowly making big strides to promote global awareness by promoting green. LaBante London is one of these brands that is creating a change.

LaBante London is an online retailer of leather handbags, that prides itself on being a sustainable and ethical brand. How? They’re vegan. Yes, they aim to create sustainable luxury, stylish, cruelty-free vegan leather bags, and fashion handbags.

Each of LaBante’s collections is from beautiful recycled fabrics. They use fine vegan leather made of high-quality Polyethene, microfibre, and recycled vegetable fibers with NO animal-based dyes and glues used in their manufacturing process. This brand is a Peta-approved vegan, guaranteeing that their products will always be completely vegan and cruelty-free. LaBante London designs and produces accessories with an ethos of “Fashion With Respect“, for the animal, the people, and the world.

"For us, ‘Fashion with Respect’ implies that we consider all living beings and the planet."

Vanita Badlani Bagri, LaBante London Founder

LaBante London is born from love and compassion for animals. They want to prove to the world that there’s no need to be cruel to enjoy luxury fashion, that’s why they are very transparent on how they maintain their products to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Made with Sustainable Materials.

The outer layer of the handbags is from over 50% vegetable oil (which is a renewable natural source), and the Polyurethane used is water-based and solvent-free. Unlike several so-called sustainable bags, LaBante veers away from using PVC a non-bio-degradable or degradable material, in their range of bags and purses. From the zippers to tag swings and the packaging, everything is environmentally friendly.

Another great thing which we truly love to support is LaBante donates 10% of its profits to charity. They are trying to raise awareness and support various charities every season. When you buy a LaBante London product, you can choose the cause that resonates most with you, and 10% of the profit goes directly to them to help build a better future.

“The world will grow more prosperous if people shared what little they have rather than hoard everything for themselves.”

Vanita Badlani Bagri, LaBante London Founder

In the fashion world, green is the new black. And with brands that truly promote sustainability like LaBante London, your fashion style can still be beautiful without being cruel to the planet.

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