?Penny Dreadful? Season 4 Cancelled: Is the Producer Lying on Why He Ends the Series?

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Penny Dreadful Season 4 has been cancelled and fans were left heartbroken at the Season 3 Finale of the series and even more when it was revealed that it was actually the end of Vanessa Ives? (Eva Green) story.

Creator John Logan said in a video message that the series was intended to go for just exactly three years and that the story has always been about Vanessa and her struggle with faith. It?s either she will accept or deny her God. But in the third and last season?s finale which aired last month, Logan killed off his main character and fans were outraged at how the series was concluded. One fan even posted an open letter to the creator on vampires.com.

The fan accused Logan of lying about the reason why he ended the series. Here are excerpts of the letter:

?We know you too well, John. You proved to us, over and over again, that you are better than that. A second-rate hack might view such a flawed, contrived ending as sufficient, but not a writer of your caliber? PENNY DREADFUL wasn?t JUST Vanessa?s story, John. You seem to have forgotten that?

So stop lying to us, John. Your decision to end PENNY DREADFUL in such a way was NOT always your intent. Why did you do it, then??

The fan went on saying that the creator ?betrayed? them and that the real reason for ending Penny Dreadful was because he has new projects lined up with Showtime.

The fan raged on about why they should trust him again after ?waiting to let us find out that PENNY DREADFUL would end only when we saw the two words THE END emblazoned on the screen, you not only cheated us, you gave us no advance notice, no chance to prepare ourselves. This is hardly surprising. When one is doing wrong by another, he seldom informs his victim ahead of time.?


Eva Greene as Vanessa Ives in ‘Penny Dreadful’

In an interview with TV Line, Logan explained his decision, ?[The decision] was made a while ago. The show, to me, has always been about Vanessa Ives and her struggle with faith? As I was planning a third season, I realized, ?Oh, I see exactly where this is heading. She?s going to have that moment, and the only way she can truly have it is at the moment of her death.? So, in my mind, I began shaping the third season thinking about all the characters and how I could lead them to a place that felt like a fitting conclusion.?

When asked if he would consider doing a fourth season without Eva Greene and with Catriona (Perdita Weeks) as the central character, he answered: ?To me, the show was always going to achieve closure with the death of Vanessa. And all the storylines this season were meant to be leaving characters at a place of appropriate and beautiful stasis.?

And, as to why he didn?t announce that Season 3 will be the series? last, ?It?s akin to the decision of not announcing [Season 3 as the final season]. I believe in the coup de th??tre. I believe audiences want to be surprised. They want to have their breath taken away. I wanted to do a major reveal when you saw Vanessa as the Mother of Evil, per se, when she?s living with Dracula and you see what she?s become. Because she is responsible for this horrible plague that?s killing London. I thought less of her was better to make her appearances much more powerful. And she becomes the Maltese Falcon ? that thing they?re all striving toward. It was purely a dramatic decision.?

Fans still hope for a Penny Dreadful Season 4 somewhere in the future or a satisfying ending which could have helped fans move on after the big reveal that it was actually the end of the series. Imagine killing off a beloved character then ending her whole story right after her death. That would feel like all the other characters and their stories unceremoniously died as well. ??

What do you think of Logan?s decision to kill his main character and end the series? If Logan does decide to continue the show, will fans still want to tune in?

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