‘Flappy Bird’ to fly back to the App store

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After its sudden ?death? early this year, ?Flappy Bird? is rising above the ashes once again, as Hanoi, Vietnam-based game designer Dong Nguyen confirmed on Twitter its fly back to the App stores.

In a tweet posted by one of his followers, Dong Nguyen, confirmed the return of viral game ?Flappy Bird? in the iOS App and Google Play Stores when he replied, “Yes. But not soon.”

It was May last year when ‘Flappy Bird’ started its journey and became one of the most downloaded app in Apple and Google Play Store but at the peak of its fame when Nguyen was actually earning popularity and $50,000 per day, he suddenly pulled it out and shut the game down.

The Business Insider, sometime in February reported that ?people started attacking Nguyen’s work, accusing him of stealing from Nintendo and Mario Brothers. Nguyen didn’t agree.? In addition, the news said revealed that ?Investors started to take notice of Nguyen and offered him cash. But Nguyen wasn’t interested in creating a real business. He doesn’t consider himself an entrepreneur.?

However, in an interview with the Rolling Stones, Nguyen revealed that he was amused in playing Super Mario Bros, on a knockoff Nintendo that his parents bought for him and that he even had a hand-drawn picture of Mario above his desk during the times when he was creating ?Flappy Bird?. The idea was to ?make a game that could be played with one hand on the subway, and could process the simplest input — a single tap — anywhere on the screen, yet make it simple and incredibly difficult to get good at, like a paddle ball toy.?

Nguyen?s creation got the first mention on Twitter six (6) months after its release and from there the game became a viral one making it on top of the charts early this year.

Meanwhile, reports also revealed that ?Flappy Birdman? Nguyen is back on track — doing and designing games, called Kitty Jetpack and a chess game called Checkonaut. Also, Nguyen’s studio Dot Gears, still has two other games available for download namely: “Shuriken Block” and “Super Ball Juggling.”

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