Apple iOS 8 gets healthy with Healthbook App

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It’s getting clearer as new leaks reveal what Apple has in store for its huge fans.

After weeks of rumors roaming around about the new Apple iOS 8, one of its new exciting apps has been exposed to the public via some actual screenshots from the 9to5Mac. Photos uncovered the very functionality of the Healthbook application, the new fitness app from Apple.

Healthboook features different and color-coded categories which could help the user track data such as bloodwork, heart rate, hydration, blood pressure, activity, nutrition, blood sugar, sleep, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, and even weight. With the Apple iOS 8, its user would be reminded of its medications as it is expected to be integrated to iOS?s existing ?Reminders? application. Said sections on the Healthbook app can also be rearranged depending on the preferences of its user.

According to 9to5mac, since ?based on the health information that iOS 8 is capable of reading, Apple?s wearable device will seemingly have sensors at least capable of measuring blood pressure, hydration, heart rate, and steps. iOS 8 combined with the iWatch is said to be able to monitor several other pieces of health and fitness data, but additional specifics are not as clear as of now. Sources also hint that Apple has developed technologies to be able to pack several different sensors into a single chipset for miniaturization purposes.?

As early as January this year, the site has reported that Healthbook, will be a pre-installed app in Apple and is said modeled from Apple?s own Passbook app, which is software for storing loyalty cards, coupons, and other materials normally stored in physical wallets.

Everyone is expecting Apple to release Apple iOS 8 as soon as possible, together with the new iPhone 6 and Apple iWatch but the company?s plans are still unofficial until the new mobile operating system is unveiled at the WWDC conference in San Francisco this summer.

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