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Google updates Play Game Services taking games to the next level

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As Google Play Game services grow at a remarkable speed, Google has not stopped developing and upgrading features to give its users something good to look forward to.

In a statement released by Google, it announced that it will be expanding multiplayer to support iOS and Android in order to bring turn-based and real-time multiplayer capabilities.

?To further help with cross platform game development, we?re updating our Play Games Unity Plug-in to support cross-platform multiplayer services, and introducing an early Play Games C++ SDK to support achievements and leaderboards,? Google said.

Moreover, Google will be launching an ?enhanced Play Games statistics? on the Google Play Developer Console in order to provide easy game analytics for Play Games adopters. With this, Google expects developers to gain a daily dashboard that has the capability to visualize player and engagement statistics for signed in users. It also includes daily active users, retention analysis and achievement and leaderboard performance.

Google also announced that it will expand engagement and discovery options on Play Games, giving players all the fun.

“We?ll be introducing game gifts, a new service that lets players send virtual in-game objects to anyone in their circles or through player search. The Play Games app now supports multiplayer invites directly, further helping players discover your game and keep them playing. And the Google Play Store will also feature 18 new game categories, making it easier for players to find games they?ll love.?

These new features for Google Play Games and other Google products will be launched this week as the Game Developers Conference meet on March 18. Google proudly said, “?with these new services and tools will help you unlock the power of Google to take your games to the next level.”

GDC is set to talk about how to reach and engage with hundreds of millions of users on Google Play, how to build Games that scale in the cloud, how to grow in-game advertising businesses with AdMob, how to track revenue with Google Analytics, how to explore new gaming frontiers. Google Developer Day sessions will be on a live streaming on YouTube.


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