Sony Xperia? Z2 Tablet to invade UK for ?399

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Sony Xperia Z2

The thinnest and the lightest waterproof tablet in the world at only 6.4 mm and less than 440 grams — the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet in in a 10.1? package — is now at UK for ?399, available for purchase on the company?s website.

During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last February 14, Kunimasa Suzuki, President and CEO of Sony Mobile Communications predicted that 2014 to be transformational: bigger, bolder and better.

Suzuki said ?Entertainment is in Sony?s spirit. We believe there?s a distinct difference between having, and feeling experiences,? said Kunimasa Suzuki, President and CEO, Sony Mobile Communications. ?This remains true within everything we do ? for us, 2014 is about bringing the best Sony technology and content together, and taking it further to create absolutely unprecedented, evocative and unique user experiences.?

Moreover, Kunimasa Suzuki at the Mobile World Congress, proudly said, ?The Xperia Z2 Tablet represents the pinnacle of tablet innovation and is a true flagship in our premium line. We have evolved our cutting-edge design to create the slimmest lightweight tablet matched with Sony?s latest technologies to deliver a unique user experience.?

On their official blog, Sony also said that the new premium product series additions: Xperia? Z2 and Xperia? Z2 Tablet, with mid-range Xperia? M2, bring the ?best of Sony? technology.

XperiaZ2 Tablet which shares many of the same exciting features as Xperia Z2, features the following: 10.1? Full HD TRILUMINOS? Display for mobile with Live Colour LED powered by X-Reality? for mobile engine delivers a superb viewing experience, and S-Force Surround? Sound and Digital Noise Cancelling for unrivaled audio quality for no-compromise entertainment viewing and listening experiences.

This world?s slimmest (6.4mm) and lightest (426g for Wi-Fi / 439g for LTE/3G) waterproof (IP55/IP58) tablet, is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with 2.3 GHz quad-core Krait CPUs that delivers high performance without draining the battery, 3GB RAM, 4G LTE and Battery STAMINA Mode for fast, lasting performance.

Also Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet comes with innovative accessories such namely: BSC10 Bluetooth? Speaker dock with Magnetic Charging Pad and the BRH10 Bluetooth? Remote with Handset Function, to boost the movie and gaming experience as it is compatible with the PS3 DualShock controller.

?And with our new range of dedicated accessories, you can further now enhance your tablet experience, whether for work or play, at home or on the go,? Kunimasa Suzuki on the Mobile World Congress said.

Xperia? Z2 Tablet is available in black or white colour variants.


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