LG’s Smart Bulb connects to iOS, Android devices; blinks to the beat of your music

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In line with its vision to deliver innovative digital products and services that make customers’ lives better, easier and happier through increased functionally and fun, LG Electronics has recently announced its first ever household Smart Bulbs that connect to iOS and Android devices to light your home.

According to LG Electronics, these new Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-powered Smart LED Bulbs can be controlled using a smartphone. Among its features are: a party mode, where the lights brightness and blinking adjust to the beat of your music; security mode which switches your lights on and off while you?re away from the house; and let your bulbs blink when you have an incoming call, and turn on slowly to wake you up.

These LED bulbs will be out in the market in both colored and plain white. Same amount of controls over the basic function for the lights will be available to both Android and iOS version like turning the Smart Bulb on and off, and a security feature. This said security option will allow the user to set a timer on the lights which will enable it to turn on and off even if the user is away from home.

Users can also set timers and brightness for the bulbs to ensure that morning light is easier on the eyes which “may feel good at daybreak,” according to LG’s translated press release.

Moreover, the “LG Smart Lighting” for Android app version will allow users to access their ?Play Mode? which will make the lights blink or dim in rhythm of the music currently playing and will also allow the users to set it lights on blinking mode when they have an incoming call.

LG?s Smart Lighting is said to be ?taking on the Phillips Hue, a wireless lighting system that lets you control up to 50 light bulbs via a smartphone app.? If you would remember, Phillips had launched years ago their wireless lighting system wherein once the wireless bulbs are screwed in, the user will have to connect the wireless hub to their internet router and then download the app.

Smart Bulb will be available, first, in South Korea to start, priced at 35,000 won (around $32, ?19, AU$33), or roughly $32 each which is compatible with Android 4.3+ and Apple iOS 6.0+. Announcement for UK and US availability has not been announced yet.

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