Discover everyone’s first Tweet as Twitter turns 8

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Twitter turns eight (8) and to mark its birthday this week, the social networking and microblogging service that utilizes instant messaging, SMS or a web interface launched a new feature that will enable users to look back down the memory lane on their first tweet ever (#FirstTweet).

The new feature under allows users to search on their own first tweet and anyone?s else?s first tweets simply by typing in the username into the search window and the users will see before their very eyes the first ever tweet they have posted.

“In 2006, people began to say a little something on Twitter through 140-character bursts of plain text. Eight years later, our users have transformed Twitter into a place where you can discover new ideas, make real human connections and express yourself freely. So as we mark our 8th birthday, we?d like to say thank you ? to you,” Gabriel Stricker (@gabrielstricker), VP, Marketing & Communications in a blog post on Twitter wrote.

“Millions of prolific tweeters have made Twitter an exciting, fun and powerful place to connect with others,” says Gabriel Stricker, Twitter’s vice president of marketing and communications. “But each of you had to start somewhere.”

Reports also revealed the first tweet posted by Twitter?s co-founder Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006, which says: “Just setting up my twtr.”

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In the press release of Lewis Wiltshire (@LewisWiltshire), Director, Media Partnerships, Twitter UK at UK blog – Discovering your #FirstTweet | Twitter Blogs ? he wrote, “Since 2006, millions of prolific tweeters across the UK and beyond have made Twitter an exciting, fun and powerful place to connect with others. More than 500 million Tweets are now being sent every day and more than 240 million of you are active on Twitter across the globe. But everyone has to start somewhere, and today we?re taking a look at some choice first Tweets. It?s a selection of messages that have sparked conversations, told great stories, showed something new, or simply made someone smile.”

Twitter?s announcement also encourages the user to celebrate with them by heading over to and send their very own #FirstTweet!

So, here?s the link for you want to try and see for yourself: Don?t forget to use the hashtag #FirstTweet.


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