Australian man hacked US-based gaming network

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A 21-year Queensland man has been charged with hacking a US-based video game company’s computer network after a joint investigation between local police and the FBI alleging that the man sold its information to players.

“What this guy allegedly did was set up his own website where you could purchase or get access to the IP addresses of other players. The idea [of selling IP addresses] being that you can facilitate a denial-of-service attack on opponents and slow down the speed at which they can play the game.” said Detective Superintendent Brian Hay from Queensland Police’s fraud and cybercrime group.

The US company?s name remains confidential, but Detective Superintendent Hay said the details of the crime would be revealed in court on April 8, when the 21-year-old Kingaroy man will have his day at the Maryborough Magistrates Court.

Police alleged that the accused accessed the US company’s computer databases and files, and hacked the company’s Twitter account, posting confidential information and screenshots.

The man has been charged with computer hacking and misuse, fraud, and property offenses and of setting up a paid service, allowing others to search the company’s player database.

According to some reports, it was one of the first known cases in Australia, where denial-of-service had been used to attack home routers. As ?Such attacks were usually launched on web servers owned by large companies?, Detective Superintendent Brian Hay said.

Moreover, Detective Superintendent Brian Hay from Queensland thank the FBI for backing them up, “We would like to acknowledge the assistance of the FBI and the US-based gaming company for their assistance in bringing this investigation to a successful close.”

This is not the first time that FBI worked together with Australia police to check in with alleged Australian gaming offences. SuperDAE was raided by the FBI with West Australian police after the alleged leaking of Xbox One.

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