Android Nokia Phone News: New CEO Pekka Rantala Aims To Revive Glory Days Of The Brand

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Pekka Rantala is the new chief marketing officer in HMD Global Oy, the company that is planning to resurrect the Nokia brand of smartphones. Rantala, Ex-CEO of Rovio is in charge of the Nokia Phone and tablet resurrection project.

Rantala believes that consumers will always recognize the brand will decide to go for a Nokia phone. HMD stated that the new Nokia phones and tablets will be powered by Android instead of the previous Microsoft Windows Phone.

Rantala stated: ?Nokia is a globally recognized brand, and we have a chance to rejuvenate it like never before. I love Nokia, I love what it stands for, and I?d love to see it rise again.?

Nokia branded Android phones will also be manufactured and distributed by FIH Mobile. Nokia also had?shown a great success with their Tablet back in 2015. It sold 20,000 units within 4 minutes, primarily sold to the Asian market.

Rantala has $500 Million at his disposal, to be spent on global marketing while Apple and Samsung have spent billions when it comes to marketing. HMD will take a different and unique approach to marketing in order to manage the said budget

HMD has kept silent and declined to make any statements regarding the timing of the products, though the Android-powered Nokia phones are expected to be announced next year

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Pekka Rantala

He is a former Nokia veteran, he started working for?Nokia on 1994 and left on 2011. He was also the CEO of Rovio the makers of the famous mobile game, Angry Birds. He acted as the Chief Marketing Officer, but he left within a year.


Nokia was sold to Microsoft in 2014 after being overshadowed by Apple and Samsung, Microsoft then abandoned the business. Nokia now focuses on selling telecommunication and network equipment.

As of now, consumers has a year, more or less before the Nokia Phones powered by?android,?hit the market

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