Peggle 2 DLC Introduces a Familiar Master

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PopCap Games has announced that Peggle 2 will be getting a familiar master in their latest DLC in the form of Jimmy Lightning. The latest downloadable content is titled Jimmy Lightning Master Pack and features of course, Jimmy Lightning as well as new levels to the game.

Jimmy Lightning first came about in the predecessor of the game, Peggle. He?s a ?punk skater kid? who loves dubstep and has the power to grant players an extra ball. This latest DLC pack includes Jimmy and his dubstep inspired theme as well as 10 new trials, 10 new levels, 30 new objectives, and three new unlockable costumes together with three new achievements. The DLC will come at a cost of $1.99.

Check out the trailer of the game below for more information about the making of Jimmy.

?Before this latest DLC, the last Peggle Master to be added to the game was Windy the Fairy who has the ability to turn those low scoring pegs into high scoring ones. The DLC also came at a cost of $1.99 and featured new levels, stage objectives, trials, achievements, and master costumes.

Peggle 2 was released for the Xbox One last year and was followed by an Xbox 360 launch last month. Basing on the trailer, the DLC will only be available for the Xbox One.

It seems like this is how Peggle 2 plans to implement their addition of new (or old) masters moving forward, via downloadable content.

For those who aren?t familiar with the game, Peggle 2?s mechanics are simple enough. There are levels that can actually be considered as a new board game of sorts. Each board game has a unique arrangement of blue pegs as well as orange pegs (fewer in number compared to blue pegs). Players start out with 10 balls that can be aimed and fired onto the board. As a ball hits and bounces off pegs, the pegs light up and eventually clears itself from the board. Each board is completed when all orange pegs are cleared. It?s like a combination of pinball and pachinko and it?s easy to start, but can get really difficult as you progress through the levels.

Photo Source: Peggle 2 website

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