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Pebble Time Round Price And Release Date: New Smartwatch Features You Should Know

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Smartwatch pioneer Pebble reveals a new and breathtaking round model, hailing to be the world?s ?lightest and thinnest smartwatch.? The Pebble Time Round claims to beat Apple, Samsung, and Motorala in the battle of the better smartwatch, posted by the Guardian.

The cross-platform smartwatch company has released the new circular e-paper model which came from the previous highly-rated Time smartwatch, according to the Guardian. ?We?re not going to eliminate the other products ? this is part of our product offer,? Pebble co-founder and CEO Eric Migicovsky told Tech Crunch. ?It?s the first smartwatch that looks like a classic wristwatch and furthers our mission to create useful technology that blends into your everyday life, not the other way around.

?There isn?t going to be one smartwatch, one wearable, one factor for everyone. I think choice and options are great. Some products are more stylish. With this product, we try to look at people who don?t have a smartwatch on their wrist today,? he added.

The new smartwatch will be 7.5mm thin and 28g in weight. The time round will come in three colors with a choice of a 14mm or 20mm band. Migicovsky then told Tech Crunch the downside to the battery life in which it only takes two days of battery life between charges compared to the previous smartwatch that lasted a week, shared by the Guardian, ?The one thing I do acknowledge is that Pebble is well known for its amazing battery life. With this one, we actually had to compromise a bit.?

He also explained how their business with smartwatch is now different. ?There are some large competitors. If anything, we are extremely optimistic about the future. From our perspective, in the future we?re going to wear devices. Smartwatches seem to be the first thing,? Migicovsky told Tech Crunch. ?If you look at Android Wear, there are eight or nine companies building Android wear watches. That creates a difficult chain of commands.?

The Time Round will be available in the US starting November, costing $249, with the release in UK coming later this year and Europe in 2016, posted by the Guardian.

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