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Pebble Smartwatch With Color Screen & Thinner Body Leaks Online

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Are you a fan of the Pebble smartwatch? You?d be thrilled to know that the popular e-ink watch might launch a new color screen version. (Image courtesy of Pebble)

If you?re waiting for Pebble?s next wearable model, this may be the perfect time to hold your breath. A big announcement is about to be revealed on the company?s official website but before that a leaked photo has already surfaced showcasing an alleged Pebble smartwatch with a color screen. Yep, you read that right. A Pebble watch with colored display? Is that possible? Will it still be e-ink? Read on and find out.

The countdown

Visited Pebble?s site recently? You may have noticed a mysterious countdown featured on its main page. This countdown, which began ticking last Friday, hints a new model for this year and follows previous speculations that the smartwatch maker will release a new hardware and software that may arrive next week, according to 9to5Mac. The software is expected to come with a timeline view made to record a list of recent notifications while the upcoming hardware is said to run on a fresh version of the Pebble smartwatch OS.

The leak

There may only be a few hours left before we witness what Pebble has to unveil but a leaked photo may try preempt the all the excitement. The photo shows the purported new Pebble model which was posted on Reddit and quickly picked up by 9to5Mac. From what we can gather from the image, it appears to sport a colored e-ink display of some sort. If proven to be accurate this is is a big leap from from the previous two models? black-and-white screens. ?It?s also believed to offer a thinner profile but we can?t really confirm that based on the leaked image. You can check out the photo right here.

New Pebble smartwatch – other rumored specs

While the upcoming model may have a color screen and slimmer facade, Pebble is still expected to cling to its less-is-more, minimalistic approach. As such, the display will likely be a variant of e-paper and won?t be a touchscreen so the week-long battery feature that Pebble has been known for won?t suffer. Aside from those specs, the upcoming Pebble smartwatch will reportedly be equipped with a Cortex M4 chipset and a 6-axis gyroscope. We should find out more about it soon as Pebble is set to reveal some big news in a few hours.


Photo Credit: Pebble

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