Pebble Founder Points Out Lead on Google’s Smartwatches and Android Wear

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Pebble is known for its smartwatches, but competition inevitably took place when other tech companies created their own version. Google has just unveiled its Android Wear smartwatch development platform and will eventually be followed by other wearables. Pebble has been creating smartwatch hardware for many years, where its first was the Allerta inPulse BlackBerry smartwatch. It was later reinvented as the Pebble, a Kickstarter success that showed the world that smartwatches are more than just geeky gadgets.

We Want to Own the Smartwatch Space, Says Google

Google makes a tacit statement with its Android Wear by saying that they would like to own the smartwatch space. The tech giant announced the Android Wear as a new smartwatch platform that provides a way to allow OEM partners have a hardware to get users into using wearable devices. In fact, Google has already partnered with some of the biggest OEM hardware companies to make its goal happen. This includes LG, Fossil, Motorola, HTC, Samsung and Asus.

Among the first batch of such devices would be the LG G Watch, which will be launched next quarter and based on the new platform. Other partners will debut with the hardware later this year, according to Google.

No White Flag Yet from Pebble


Pebble founder and CEO Eric Migicovsky has not put up its white flag yet. He responded to the recent announcement of Google by saying that they are excited about their friends at Google. Migicovsky emphasized that they have been working on wearables for six years with plenty of skeptics and few players in the arena. He added that it is exciting to see the market grow so fast, which gets all of them focused on giving the best user experiences they can.

A Battle that Must be Fought

Migicovsky?s key point in his statement is his emphasis to how long the small startup has been working on smartwatches. It was a work that took place in the market and not in labs, where doors are closed for everyone to see. Pebble may be in an uphill battle right now, but their key expertise could attract an acquisition play from the interested parties.

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