PC’s Today Can’t Handle ‘Elite: Dangerous’

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There is a new space game coming out soon. It is called the Elite: Dangerous. So, what?s so special about this game?

According to several sources, the space game Elite: Dangerous will launch with graphics that even ?your overpowered PC?s might not be able to handle the full features. It sounds like they are overcompensating.

However, the head of the developer Frontier Developments, David Braben, explains why your current PC hardware is not sufficient.

“We’re going through some wonderful effects internally that look truly beautiful, and we’re saying, that slows the frame-rate a bit, doesn’t it?” Braben stated.

Technically, the game is coming out in 4K resolution. According to Braben, the contents, models, and almost everything around the game are very detailed. The result would be pushing graphics cards to do 4K, which is not ready yet as of now. Braben stated that they are aiming for 8K resolutions and most of the technology today are not yet on that ?level.

To help explain the concept of what Braben is talking about, he needed the help of Moore?s Law. Moore?s Law predicts the computing power that will increase significantly over the next two years.

?Moore?s law is our friend? Braben added.

With all the complexity and the technicality of the visuals and origami, Braben finally summarized it into a much simpler term.

?The PC?s of today cannot run with all the features on, your PC of tomorrow might?

Braben is very confident that even with the consistent upgrades on PC hardwares, the Elite: Dangerous will still look as magnificent as it is. It is what he calls ?future proof?. Over 100 people are working for the development of Elite: Dangerous. Even though Frontier Dev had a lot of smaller games on their list, this space game is their topmost priority.

To see the stunning visuals of the upcoming Elite:Dangerous, here?s a trailer for the game.

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