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I spent some time over at iZ3D yesterday looking at their new 3D LCD displays. I was amazed at what I saw. It seems that for the first time in the history of PC gaming, the display is going to change the way we look at games.

I’m sure most of you who read this are familiar with todays 3D technology used in films. It’s no longer the crappy red/blue mess that we are used to. They use this technology that produces a stereoscopic image. The image is then converged visually through the use of the glasses to give it a 3D effect. When you see the effects of this technology on the screen for the first time, it’s mind boggling. I remember the asteroid that seemed to be floating right in front of me while I was watching Captain EO for the first time. Foolishly I reached out to grab it, even though I knew it wasn’t there. I couldn’t help myself. This is how great this 3D technology is.? iZ3D has figured out to replicate this technology on the desktop.

The LCD comes as a standard 22″ but in the future we’ll probably see sizes up to 27″.? In standard windows mode the LCD looks just like any 22″ LCD.? It has a .297 dot pitch.? When you load a game, the 3D mode can be switched on the fly with the quick push of a button.? Also, since we all don’t see things the same way, you can adjust the stereoscopic image to your liking.? Once you make the adjustments, they are automatically saved when you exit the game.? There’s no configuration files to keep handy at all.? The driver saves everything automatically for you.? If you’d like to use the same settings on other games you can do that too.

Each monitor comes with a pair of polarizing glasses so you can see the effect.? These glasses look like Raybans, which I thought was very cool.? There are also different colors and 8 different models.? One of the models looks like flight goggles.? Make sure you don’t leave the house with these on.? One thing I found out about the polarizing lenses is that they reduce glare.? I thought this was a nice little benefit to wearing the glasses when you use the monitor.






I first tested out Unreal Tournament.? Everything looked great and had more depth to it.? Since UT is an FPS, there’s only so much of the effect you can see while playing.? Once I turned the camera around and could see my character, the rocket launcher muzzle poked out of my screen.? It was mind blowing to see how well this technology works.? After drooling a bit on their demo desk we switched out to World Of Warcraft.? I was flying a mount and it was as if it was floating in front of my screen.? We made some minor adjustments and I watched a priest cast some spells.? As his hands made spell casting movements, they moved in and out of the screen.? Another thing I noticed was that the HUD stuck out like a sore thumb. A side effect was produced and now more separation between the 2D graphics and 3D models was prevalent.? It looked BETTER!? It was almost as if all of my WOW controls were sitting on top of a window and I was looking at the world outside.


The effect is created by using 2 LCD’s in one panel.? You plug both of your video outputs on your display card into the LCD, load the drivers and you are done.? The monitor itself is very ergonomic and stylish.? The package comes with one pair of glasses, a driver disk and the LCD.? The panel retails for $999.00.? That’s not bad considering how awesome the technology is.? Right now they have a special going on where you can pick one up for $750 from their website using this coupon code:? NE07LF

I’m totally amazed what iZ3D is doing with this technology.? The way I see it, if you are a gamer, then you shouldn’t be using any other type of LCD panel.? This technology will enhance all of your 3D games.? It excels at changing the way we look at games where new video cards don’t.? I can’t see why iZ3D technology won’t be included in all monitors in the near future.? It’s very hard to make you understand how good it looks without being able to post pictures.? Just imagine how incredible Captain EO or Monster House looked in 3D and that’s pretty much what you get with this LCD.? They are now testing out video clips so they can incorporate the same technology in a software DVD playback tool.? Imagine watching 3D movies on your computer like they were meant to be seen.



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