PC Gaming E3 2016 Live Stream: Dawn Of War 3, DayZ, And More Game Reveals

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E3 2016 won?t just be a festival for console gamers as some of the known independent game companies will also showcase some PC games. The PC Gaming E3 2016 Live Stream will show a new entry to the Warhammer series, Dawn of War 3, and shed light on Bohemia Interactive?s standalone DayZ development progress. Here?s their official site about the event and the Twitch and Youtube Live Stream links for June 13.

So far, the official site lists many independent and known game companies will showcase their survival crafting game, strategy games on the PC Gaming E3 2016. ?Currently, Relic Entertainment and Sega?s Warhammer 40K is going to receive the ?Dawn of War 3? entry, which could give Real Time Strategy fans some fresh air while Blizzard Entertainment is busy with Overwatch. However, the Warhammer series is yet to rival Starcraft 2 in the Real Time Strategy eSport scene so this entry may help them provide a competitive edge.

Bohemia Interactive will also present in the show so they might announce something about the standalone DayZ update. Despite being a PC-focused E3 show, this might actually be Bohemia Interactive?s chance to discuss the console versions of the standalone DayZ game. Other than this possible announcement, more updates for the PC version may just be announced at this event.

For the fans of the companies that made games like Warframe, Ark: Survival Evolved, they can expect announcements of new content or expansions to these games too. We?ll just have to wait for the show itself to confirm what they?ll offer to their fans this year.

Console-focused Japanese companies such as Square Enix and SEGA are also attending the PC Gaming Show. Square Enix may announce yet another Final Fantasy entry for PC games to enjoy. Meanwhile, Sega may just be there to support Warhammer or Company of Heroes. The PC Gaming Show site didn?t list a thorough schedule of events on the PC Gaming E3 2016 Live Stream, so fans will have to wait and see if there are any surprise announcements during the stream.

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