PC Games: Incoming for the rest of September 2009

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Incoming PC titles What’s going on PC Gamers as you all know (or might not know) this week brings Aion the MMORPG graphical masterpiece from NC Soft. Looks like there are quite a few games shipping and coming out for the week of 9.20.09. I am going to try something a little different this week. Normally I would just

post a date and the box art, but this week I am going to insert a video for the titles when ever possible. With the way the internet is, gamers are always able to get some sort of video file from the net. So if you like it let me know. Here are release titles for the rest of September.


Now Shipping – Order of War – $39.99


Now Shipping – Aion – $49.99


9.29.09 – Fallen Earth: Welcome to Apocalypse – $49.99


9.29.09 – Family Feud – $19.99

That completes this months list. I know that the dates are to the end of the month, and that’s because I’m trying to update once a month instead of weekly list. Let me know if you would like a monthly list or maybe a bi-weekly. One other thing I would like to hear from the PC gamers would be on what you think about having the videos instead of the box art. I Would really like to get this section set up in a way that makes sense. Leave those comments, I do read them. Peace!

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