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?Payday 2? Micro-transaction Gets Flaked By Fans, Vows To Drive Down User Game Score As Protest

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The community in Payday 2 are up in arms as the micro-transaction has been announced for the multiplayer mode of the game.

Before the game was launched back in 2013, game developer Overkill has mentioned that there would be no micro-transactions to be added in the game, even producer Almir Listo even stated that there would be no micro-transactions:

?The Steam page for PAYDAY 2 has been updated based on your feedback. We’ve made it clear that PAYDAY 2 will have no micro-transactions whatsoever (shame on you if you thought otherwise!) and we’ve made it more clear that the PAYDAY loot bag is part of the Career Criminal Edition as well.?

There was even a follow up that they are in fact, not implementing any micro-transactions based on their interview with Gamespot. But then a spark of irony has appeared when they announced the new Black Market game update, where it introduces the ?safe? post-match rewards and the ?drills? currency which are needed to open safes. Drills can be purchased with money, which sometimes provide weapons skins where you need to purchase a DLC, and these skins can provide in-game bonuses which can give you an edge in the game. This as a result forces players to purchase drills to open the rewards instead of getting them for free and made the Payday 2 community mad.

The community is already banding together to drive down the user game score on Steam and Metacritic as their sign of protest against Overkill as the developers have lied to the community about micro-transactions. Overkill needs to take care of their Payday 2 community, as not committing to their promise can leave a deep scar to their reputation, especially if they will be launching a new Payday game in the future, while the issue is still fresh, it is better to address to it and resolve it fast.

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