Pawn Stars Chumlee to Do Solo Show: Spinoff Well Underway?

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Pawn Stars Chumlee
Pawn Stars Chumlee

Pawn Stars Chumlee, Austin Lee Russell in real life, has had it tough these past couple of months. He has faced multiple charges left and right, which include illegal possession of drugs and firearms. Good thing he has his costars, who not only treat him as part of the cast, but also part of their family as well.

And fortunately for him, his legal team was able to strike a deal. It seems that Chumlee won?t be ending up in jail. He’ll be on a three-year probation instead. If he follows all the terms successfully, he can say goodbye to his felony charge.

A Peek at History

It all started with a sexual assault complaint. The cops acquired a search warrant for his home. What they found instead was some dope and illegal weapons. Thus, he has to serve probation until 2019. During an interview cited by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Chumlee said he left that part of his life in the back burner. Right now he’s doing the TV show and conducting some works for charity.

He said, “I went through a lot, but I’m back on the right path. I’m working hard every day, staying close to my family…Look, Las Vegas is a fast town, and you can get caught up in- just hanging out after a late dinner at a bar can cause a person to stray from getting enough sleep or taking care of yourself.”

On Going Solo

Chumlee just might venture out on his own. Away from the shadows of Rick Harrison, Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison and “Old Man” in the upcoming season. He was pretty psyched up about the idea of a spin-off that will star no one else but him. He said, “Rick has finally taken the leash off and let me out of my own! After 440 episodes, Chum finally gets to be on his own! Look for lots of solo Chum!”

We?ll certainly do that, Chum. We?ll wait for you. For more of Pawn Stars Chumlee news and latest updates, keep it here on TheBitBag. Hit us with your feedback in the comments below.

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