Pave your way to healthier skin and relaxed muscles using this four-in-one device that works throughout your body

This product comes with a USB cable, making it more convenient to use anytime, anywhere

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Sometimes, a full-body spa session can’t be enough to recharge you. It can even leave you tired still after spending so much. The same is true with your skincare routines that yield no good results at all. These are but a few things ladies, like you, are facing. So, don’t feel like you’re too unfortunate to experience these because we have one solution you all would love.

You should be happy instead as we bring you Tri-light Body Sculpt Fit!

What is Tri-light Body Sculpt Fit?

The Tri-light Body Sculpt Fit is the newest way to counter skin and tight muscle issues without using bulky equipment. With only a handy device, you will be able to experience four different benefits you don’t get from a single spa appointment. What’s more, it works with all your body parts, giving you a 360 treatment from saggy skin and sore muscles.

How does it work?

Tri-light has four primary treatment modes.

The first is its Lift mode that tightens your skin and fights fine lines and wrinkles. Next is the Glow mode, which is responsible for detoxification and lymphatic circulation. Another feature of this device is its Smooth mode that removes bacteria from your skin. Lastly is the Warm treatment, which targets tension in your muscles. All these functions are accessible on the device’s buttons.

What other benefits can I get from it?

  • Micro-current
  • NASA-inspired LEDs
  • Micro-vibration massaging sensation
  • Temperature control for safety

Does it need to be plugged?

No! Not only is this device light, but it’s also convenient. For only a few hours, you’ll get to recharge this device and use it again. It also comes with LED indicators to help you identify whether or not it needs charging. All you have to do is plug this device into a power source using its USB cable, and the rest will follow.