Paul Walker Death Anniversary: Fast & Furious Family Pays Tribute

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Fast & Furious family commemorated the Paul Walker death anniversary this November 30, an event that brought together his co-stars. This year marks the third year of the actor?s passing.

Paul Walker’s Fast & Furious co-stars took to social media to pay tribute to him.

Jordana Brewster, who played his wife Mia Toretto in the movie, tweeted a photo of her with Paul. The caption says, ?I miss you and I love you every single day.” The photo she tweeted was taken during a premiere.

Another Fast & Furious member posted a photo with texts “Always in our hearts” on Instagram. The photo shows Brian O’Conner on the movie’s set. The caption was short but full of love: “Gone but never forgotten. #love.”

Gone but never forgotten. #love

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Scott Eastwood, Fast & Furious 8?s new member, paid his tribute to the actor with another Instagram photo. The photo was from their film “Flags of Our Fathers” in 2006. According to Eastwood’s caption, it goes, ?You taught me so much. Lessons that I find myself passing on to people in my life now. Thanks for all the laughs big bro.?

Meanwhile on Facebook, Vin Diesel changed his account’s cover photo with his photo beside his “brother Pablo”. Last year, Vin Diesel sung Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again” at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. He dedicated his performance to Paul. Vin Diesel plays Dominic in the film.

Finally, below is Tyrese Gibson’s tearjerker Instagram video post. He referred to Paul in the video as “his favorite white man”. Photos of the dead actor are included in the video.

The caption reads: ?This week is always rough for those of us who really knew him personally 14 years of laugher [sic], hugs and love literally one of the nicest people on HUMAN FEET!!!! Nov 30th we lost an angel! Paul treated everyone with the upmost[sic] respect and went out of his way to make everyone feel like they mattered…… I love and I miss you dearly /. We simply ask of you prayer warriors around the world pray for his daughter our niece Meadow Walker and his dear brothers CODY and Caleb and parents and his Besty named Roland and Brandon who were literally with him everyday!!!!!! May God rest your soul we hope we make you proud everyday!!!!! RIH ( rest in heaven )….. P-Dubber!!!!?

The Fast & Furious actor who played Brian died at 40 in a single-car accident in 2013. Walker was in the passenger seat of the car with his friend Roger Rodas when the accident happened in Clarita, California.

The 2005 Porsche Carrera GT that Rodas was driving crashed into two trees and onto a concrete lamppost.

According to officials, the car was traveling above the zone’s 45 miles per hour speed limit. When the accident occurred, their car traveled at approximately 100 miles per hour.

Paul Walker death anniversary tributes from his Fast & Furious family truly is heartbreaking. Paul may have died young but his legacy along with Brian?s (his Fast & Furious character) will always be remembered by fans, friends and families.

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