Paul Walker CGI Will No Longer Appear In ?Fast And Furious 8?

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Paul Walker CGI

It might really be a time to move on for all the casts of ?Fast and the Furious,? one of the longest-running action franchise in Hollywood. It was recently confirmed that they won?t be utilizing the character of the late star Paul Walker?s Brian O?Conner in Fast and Furious 8, said franchise producer, Neal Moritz.

Paul Walker CGI Takes Backseat

Although Furious 7 did not totally kill off his character, and even ended the movie using Walker?s CGI version, it was already decided that the story will now start anew with a different story line that will no longer require O?Conner?s presence, and even that of his onscreen wife, Jordana Brewster.

?We?re trying to do what we always do, which is try to come at it from a character point of view and figure out where the characters would go from here. I think the thing that?s made The Fast and the Furious special is obviously we have incredible action and so on. But the thing that people really relate to the most is the characters. We?re lucky that we have a lot of great characters. Unfortunately, we don?t have Paul anymore. His character? has moved on. But we feel like there?s a lot still to be mined. That?s where we?re starting. We?re really talking about the characters, where they all sit right now. It?s a huge challenge,? said Mortiz in an interview with Screenrant.

Vin Diesel on the other hand, shared in an emotional interview with MTV that they are continuing the series because of Paul. When he was alive, it was Walker who confirmed that Fast and Furious 8 is definitely happening, so producers deemed it only proper to make good of his statement.

“Paul used to say that 8?was guaranteed and, in some ways, when your brother guarantees something, you have to make sure it comes to pass. So, if fate has it — fate, F8?– then you’ll get it. Furious 7?was for Paul; 8?is from Paul,” the actor said.

On the other hand, Dwayne Johnson is once again returning as the gang?s most unlikely ally, along with Jason Statham who proved to be a very worthy opponent to Vin Diesel?s Toretto.

Fast and Furious 8 is expected to be released April 2017.

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