Paul McCartney Shares Meaning In Top Beatles Songs: Know Them All Here!

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All you Beatles? fans, here?s some interesting story that you definitely don?t want to miss. The rock legend Paul Mc Cartney spills the beans about the origin stories — some moving, some bawdy — behind eight of The Beatles’ record-breaking 20 No. 1 hits.

In late 1962, The Beatles began to blitz the United Kingdom with energetic songs, but America initially took a skeptical view of their music, as well as their girlish haircuts. “The big story about ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand,’ ” recalls McCartney, “I’d said to Brian [Epstein, the band’s manager], ‘We don’t want to go to America until we have a No. 1 record.’ A lot of British artists went there and came back with the audience having been slightly underwhelmed by them. I said, ‘We don’t want to be like that. If we go, we want to go on top,’ ” reports Billboard.

According to Ultimate Classic Rock, mulling over Lennon?s admission that he wrote the song while feeling ?the whole Beatles thing was just beyond comprehension? and subconsciously crying out for help,? McCartney gave his take on to Lennon?s musing in a 1980 Playboy interview that ?I was fat and depressed, and I was crying out for help.?

McCartney had some particularly revealing comments about ?Help!,? the title track to the band?s 1965 movie and album that mainly was written by John Lennon.? At that time, Lennon was unhappy in his marriage to his first wife, Cynthia, and doing a lot of drugs, inspiring him to pen a tune calling out for someone to lend him a hand.

According to Classic Hits And Solids, McCartney also discusses an incident that occurred following the release of ?Hey Jude,? the epic hit Beatles ballad he wrote partly as a comforting plea to Lennon?s then-young son, Julian, after John had split from Cynthia.? Paul reveals he and some friends had painted song?s title on a window at the band?s Apple Boutique in London, and a passerby apparently wound up mistaking ?Hey Jude? for anti-Semitic graffiti and smashed the window.

Other songs McCartney talks about in the article include ?Love Me Do,? ?Paperback Writer,? ?Eight Days a Week,? ?We Can Work It Out,? and ?Penny Lane.?



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