Pau Gasol Hurts Lakers with Trade Talks

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Despite the rumours of a trade that might happen at any moment, Pau Gasol remained focused at the Staples Center on Sunday.

An Inspiring Early Game

Gasol had a rebound, a basket, a block and an assist during the early game. For the first quarter of the game, Gasol had 12 points, three assists, four rebounds, one steal and two blocks.

Even with a promising opening quarter, the Lakers only had a three ? point lead.

The team lost 137 ? 115 to the Denver Nuggets. However, the atmosphere in the locker room was different than the usual. The players were talking about the loss, failed 3 ? point shots, the turnovers, being shorthanded and other basketball ? related topics.

But they were also discussing about the trade talks.

The Rumored Trade

It was Gasol?s possible trade to the Cleveland Cavaliers that they were talking about. Gasol was questioned if the rumours affected his performance during the game.

Gasol admitted that after the rumoured potential trade for Andrew Bynum, things were not easy for him. ?I try not to let it affect me.? he said.

Gasol finished the game with 25 points, five assists, 10 rebounds and three blocks. He did a high percentage shot from the free throw line and the field. As always, Gasol has fought through those whispers.


Nick Young was the voice and heart of the team. He has worn a more serious facial expression when the game ended, saying that the rumour is frustrating but they have to stay focused on the court.

Young said he gained respect for Gasol with how he had fought the the escalating trade news on him leaving the Lakers. Young further said that the issue is putting a lot of pressure on the Spaniard player and that he still needs to find a way to focus on playing basketball.

Possibly the Last Game

The 33 ? year old Spaniard scored high against the Denver Nuggest that day, but this could possibly be his last game as a Laker. Gasol said after the game that he has yet to receive any clarity on the circulating rumours.

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