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Patent Application From Samsung Hints A New Smartwatch Design

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Pictured: Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

Samsung Electronics, Co. Ltd. is reportedly gearing up to release another smartwatch in the near future. According to a leaked patent application, the Korean device maker is supposedly working on a new round-shaped smartwatch. On the surface, it might seem that the device is a little akin to the Moto 360. But it looks like Samsung is set to prove that appearance is where the similarities end.

The tech company has already released three smartwatches since last fall, including the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit which is more of a fitness tracker. What Samsung currently doesn?t have is a standalone smartwatch, one that is capable of functioning entirely on its own without connecting to a smartphone or tablet. The present models of the Gear line of smartwatches are not capable of placing or receiving calls and receiving data on its own. They can only do so by connecting to smartphones.

This speculation is supported by a recent report in the The Wall Street Journal citing sources familiar with the Korean company?s plans. The device is said to be equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, GPS, heart monitor, and will be powered by Tizen operating system which is an in-house OS developed by Samsung with help from Intel.

The key feature of this device is its likely inclusion of a SIM card slot. With that, the device can readily transmit data on its own and may even support very fast LTE connections. The ?Street? further mentioned that Samsung might have already been in talks with mobile carriers in Europe, United States, and in its native South Korea to make this feature a possibility.

Included in the patent application is the unique placement of the camera on the smartwatch?s band. It is placed a little lower along the band, allowing a better view of the display while taking pictures. This is different from what Samsung had done in previous smartwatches as users do not need to twist their wrists in a slightly awkward angle in order to use the camera.

The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), an American market research firm, predicts that the smartwatch market is expected to grow three times this year ? with over 19 million units to be sold. It appears that this is a good time for the Korean technology giant to come up with an innovative device that will shake the relatively new smartwatch world.


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