Your Passwords May Not Be As Strong As You Think

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What?s your password?

Would you give me–or anyone–your password? Surely not.

passwordThe whole point of using one is to keep others from accessing your computer, email, and other online accounts. Passwords are like the keys to your home. These are your first line of defense against people who are out to do you damage. That?s why it?s very important that you keep them to yourself.

But you know what? Even if you?re very secretive about your password and don?t let anyone else use of your computer, you?re still at risk. Your accounts could still be hacked by anyone who is really good at the computer.

That?s because your passwords are not strong enough.

Don?t think that using a variety of your name or a combination of your children?s birthdays or first names or important dates in your life will keep you safe from hackers. It?s so easy to crack passwords. It would only take some whiz kid a few minutes to access your accounts. Don?t feel safe about your passwords.

Last year, it was reported that about 150 million Adobe accounts were hacked and the passwords were published online. Imagine that, 150 million passwords hacked! This happened because of the company?s ineffective encryption system, according to a security site, Naked Security.

passsword 2If this can happen to a huge company, it wouldn?t be surprising if it happens to ordinary people who don?t really pay much attention to the passwords they use. You could be one of them.

It?s very likely that someone can easily gain access to your email or other online accounts if you?re using passwords that are easy to crack. Don?t think that things like ?i@mawesome5? can?t be cracked. Even if you?re using your mother?s maiden name or your favorite book it?s still very possible that you get hacked.

Hackers can be very resourceful. They can find ways to even perform a password recovery.

You?ll make things easier for them if you use weak passwords. Or something that?s widely used.

Believe it or not, there are thousands of people who still use 123456 as their password. Splash Data, a security-focused developer, lists 123456 as the worst password for 2013. Interestingly, there are so many people who are using this to guard their accounts.

longer passwordIt compiled a list of the different stolen passwords posted online by hackers and, surprisingly, so many people think that 123456 is an effective way to keep unauthorized users away. They couldn?t be any more wrong.

Also, about 2 million Adobe users who were among those accounts compromised have 123456 as their password. The list also included Adobe123, photoshop, letmein, and trustno1 as their passwords.

The simplest way to ensure your passwords are hack-proof, use something that only you know. Don’t use names of people you are related to. Combine them with numbers and vary upper and lower case letters.

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