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Passengers Movie Mobile Game Launches Today On iOS and Android

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The most anticipated sci-fi Passengers movie has just been released in cinemas last December 21 and is currently screening in cinemas worldwide. In line with this, Hero Digital Entertainment released a game that goes by the same title, ?Passengers.?

The game just had its debut today and it tackles the storyline of the Passengers movie. Players will get a chance to solve the mystery behind the Starship Avalon?s malfunction during its voyage.

The app is already available for iOS and Android. For a minimum purchase of US$2, you can join Jim and Aurora in their search for the truth. Help them solve the mysteries behind their misfortune.

The story will revolve around Jim and Aurora. The game will allow the player to investigate around the Starship Avalon in search for clues. It also focuses on how you can help figure out what went wrong in the voyage.

A side story is also provided which will further help the players in solving the mystery behind Avalon and the Homestead Company. Furthermore, you can check out some more clues in the ship?s logbooks and security footages to strengthen your evidence and your hypothesis.

During the game, you can find out the reason why Jim and Aurora?s pods malfunctioned 90 years prior to the actual deactivation. You can also find out if there are other forces that led to the mishap that happened in Starship Avalon. Finally, you can figure out what could happen to the other 5,258 passengers. You will also find out the fate that everyone holds if ever they reach Homestead II.

The teams from Hitcents (a Kentucky-based developing team) and JetSynthesis (an Indian-based developing company) have worked together to make this game possible. This makes a total of a three-team collaboration with Hero Digital Entertainment.

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The Passengers movie is starred by film actress Jennifer Lawrence as Aurora and actor Chris Pratt as Jim. The action thriller movie (and game) is now out in theaters (and app stores) for everyone to enjoy.

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