Park Yoochun’s First Victim Re-Opens Sexual Assault Scandal After Initially Dropping Charges

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Korean celebrity Park Yoochun was slammed with sexual assault charges earlier this month.


The first alleged victim in Park Yoochun?s sexual assault scandal has re-opened the case after initially dropping her charges last month.

Soompi reported that the alleged first victim, who is going by the alias ?A,? is again filing a sexual assault case against the award-winning singer-actor. This is after she filed and then dropped charges last month, with her boyfriend even apologizing to Park Yoochun for the scandal.

Now, the woman explained that she is reviving the Park Yoochun case because the sexual act that supposedly took place between them at the adult entertainment bar where she worked was actually forced onto her, thereby classifying it as an assault.

?A? also detailed that the establishment?s madam and the actor?s acquaintances were in on the entire plan. ?The adult entertainment bar madam blocked the door so I couldn?t get out,? the alleged victim said.

However, a Gangnam Police Station rep clarified that ?A? cannot sue Park Yoochun for the same sexual assault grounds that she used with the first case that she cancelled. What the victim can do is change her statements during investigations concerning the scandal.

The re-filing of the first sexual assault case of Park Yoochun?s victim took place around the same time that the scandal escalated when a fifth woman surfaced with similar accusations.

According to Allkpop, the alleged victim even had employees from an establishment frequented by the actor as her witnesses. They admitted that they have always noticed how the ?Miss Ripley? actor would hang out in bar bathrooms where, according to all five alleged victims, the Korean celebrity allegedly forces himself upon women.

The Park Yoochun sexual assault scandal has gotten so out of hand that he is expected to lose acting projects because of it.

However, the actor?s reps from C-JeS Entertainment have spoken up to support Park Yoochun amid the sexual assault scandal. The agency said that they are confident their prized talent will be proven innocent from each case, and even warned that they will file counter lawsuits against those who are lying about being victims.


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